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Hopesow Story

How the seed was sown

Having worked in the clothing industry for over 10 years I was unaware of the damage the textile industry is doing to the planet. I read an article about the textile industry being the 2nd biggest polluter behind the oil industry. From that moment I knew I had to do something to change this and to raise awareness of the problem. If I worked in the industry and was naïve to the issues, then I felt sure consumers would be too.

When I first had the idea to launch an eco-friendly brand I was out walking with my youngest son and he picked up an acorn, which I have kept to this day. It really inspired me as that little acorn represented everything I wanted my new brand to stand for. The acorn is part of nature, from acorns big oak trees grow. My son is part of the next generation which I want to help inspire to look after our planet and the fact we plant trees for every item we sell seemed to fit perfectly with an acorn.

The seed had been sown and hopesow was born.

Hopesow is about giving everyone hope, that they can look after the planet we live on and each other and wear clothing that is positive to the earth and each other. The ‘sow’ is about planting. Not only do we plant trees for every item we sell we are planting hope for people who buy our clothing. From a seed or an idea something will grow. When somebody buys one of our environmentally friendly items they are indeed sowing hope. Hope for our planet, each other and the next generation.


Create products that do not cause harm to the world, be it environmentally or on a human level
Create products with a positive environmental impact and a positive message
Give part of our sales away in the form of planting trees to change lives
Increase our followers awareness of the impact the textile industry has on our world 
Strive to innovate in terms of product, delivery of product and ways to create positive impacts
To treat our customers as partners. Understand their worries and strive to fix any issues above and beyond what would be expected, irrelevant of financial cost
Keep a consistent brand message/image that highlights our ethics and underlines our core values
Recycle as much of our customers old clothing as possible
Make sure that every part of our business is as low impact as possible

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