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Hopesow recycled

At hopesow, we believe it’s senseless that so many clothes and discarded textiles end up in landfills. Recycling is one of many ways to fulfil our goals towards a sustainable future. 

When you have worn your hopesow item to near death please send it back to us and we will recycle it for you. It will likely be recycled into a new item of clothing, saving on the use of more resources. 

Our aim is to be a clothing brand that creates ZERO WASTE

Simply send it back to us with a note headed 'Recycle' detailing your name and address and and when we receive your item we will issue you a discount towards your next purchase.

Did you know…

In the UK only around 15% of unwanted clothes are donated or recycled, with 85% ending up in landfills.

Approximately 80% of landfill ends up being incinerated, which consumes energy, the balance decomposes organically which releases methane, a gas 20 times more powerful than CO2 in terms of climate change.

“Creating a brand that has a positive impact on the people who make it, the people who wear it and for the planet it exists on”